James Bishop, Composer in Residence

Composer James Bishop currently resides in Maryland where he spends his days writing and teaching music.   Before moving to Maryland he taught music theory and ear training at Houston Community College. 

In 2003 he completed his Doctor of Musical Arts in music composition at Rice University. He also holds a Master of Music from The Florida State University and a Bachelor of Music from The University of Texas at San Antonio. During the course of his education, James has studied with James Balentine, Anthony Brandt, Arthur Gottschalk, Ladislav Kubik, Richard Lavenda, Ellsworth Milburn, David Soley and Kurt Stallmann. 

Mr. Bishop's music has been played at Rice University, Florida State University, University of Texas at San Antonio, University of Texas at Austin, University of Montevallo, Houston Community College, and the Museum of Czech Music in Prague. 

In addition to composing, Mr. Bishop plays and teaches the clarinet, saxophone and flute. His favorite instrument to play is the bass clarinet.  For more information visit http://jbishop18.wix.com/jamesbishop.